Many restaurants wish to be able to satisfy everyone by offering dine in and take-out as well as delivery. Eat-in and take-out options are straightforward and easy to provide, however, delivery presents many challenges, that range from staffing to taking payment at the door. To build a loyal client base will require time and consistent service. Here are four factors to keep in mind if considering offering delivery services in your restaurant. Hotpot Delivery

1. Promoting Delivery

There are a variety of cost-free or low-cost ways to let people know that delivery is now accessible at your establishment. Some low-cost or free ideas:

  • Update your website
  • A weekly posting on the social media websites you take part in
  • Place signs in the restaurant.
  • Include a delivery notification to every order for take-away
  • Set up a tent placed on the table for dine-in customers

Make changes to existing advertisements when campaigns are due to renew. Instead of reusing old take-out menus without delivery promotions and delivery, think about launching delivery once the menu’s supply is low or adding a label to the outdated menu.

Incorporating online ordering into your site can be advantageous. It will prompt customers to choose ‘take-out’ or delivery when placing an order, making customers aware of the choices. Certain online ordering systems allow the ability to collect customer’s email addresses which will allow you reach out to your current customers about promotions such as specials, promotions, and events as well as an announcement that your establishment is now offering delivery.Hot Pot Delivery

2. Accepting payment at the door

Think about the fact that the majority of customers in your restaurant pay by credit or debit card. This is also true when you accept payments at the counter. Restaurants are expected to accept debit cards on the premises that have long-range wireless debit terminals. Long-range debit terminals operate using cellular networks, and tend to be more expensive than wireless devices used in restaurants. You can expect to spend between $50 and $75 per terminal, plus transaction charges.

You can choose to take credit card payments over the phone , and cash at the counter. To avoid headaches and time from a faulty credit card number look into some of the latest businesses that offer card readers. They work with an app for smart phones and connect to the axillary port of the phone. Charges per transaction range between 2.7%-2.9 percentage, with many having no monthly charges.

3. Thermal Food Bags

Hot food delivered to your door can help in attracting regular delivery customers. It’s not necessary to buy fancy food bag that is self-heated with an 12V car plug. Selecting the right size food bag is essential.

If the bag for food is too big, the food will be cooked by the air in the bag, instead of keeping the food warm. Pizza restaurants need bags for food that fit 3-4 of the largest pizzas they serve. Restaurants that use the standard Chinese food delivery style should select bags that measure roughly twelve” (wide) (16″ (high) (30″ (long). Be sure to have an appropriate food bag to accommodate any type of take-out container you can offer.

4. Drivers and Delivery Drivers and Delivery Insurance

The dishwasher acting as the delivery driver can be temporary solution until you get the concept of delivery in motion. However dishwashers play an essential role in making sure that the kitchen and servers are operating smoothly during peak hours.

If you choose to employ the dishwasher, it’s likely that you’ll be providing your vehicle too. Consult your insurance agent in the area regarding additional delivery insurance you might need to include to safeguard your vehicle. Delivery insurance is usually required because of the number of time spent driving, which can lead to more accidents. Steamboat Delivery

It is possible to employ the services of a delivery company or contract driver. You’ll be able to call and pay for deliveries. Think about offering an ‘on-call rate when you are hiring a contract drivers of your own in the event that the number of deliveries are uneven or is only about 2-3 per night. The rate of turnover for drivers will be very high in the absence of any incentive or guaranteed income available.