The lack of infrastructure, Advancement and Development in the Teaching and Educational Sector is no longer a problem. Presently, the entire educational and teaching sector is being ‘powered by ‘fuel’ and ‘driven by advances in mine site technologies.

ICT Resources, which are the diverse collection of technological tools and resources that are being utilized to communicate to Create, Share Storage and Manage Information can enhance the regular classroom teaching practices. Utilizing Interactive Whiteboards, Audience Response Systems, Visualisers, Projectors, Educational Content Softwares and ICT Accessories in the classroom teaching, the “communication gap between the teacher and pupil is being eliminated technology

Today, ICT Resources are regarded as a natural element of everyday life particularly in the Educational Sector. Students are eagerly embracing to this new way of learning. In the same way teachers are also enjoying the constant change and improvement of teaching methods that is specifically designed to fulfill students’ individual learning objectives. The main benefit of making use of ICT Resources within the school is that it helps prepare students for the world of work where ICTs particularly computers as well as the Internet and other related technologies are becoming increasingly commonplace.mine site communications

Interactive Whiteboard is an example of an ICT Solution which has gained enormous popularity and popularity within a brief duration. Interactive Whiteboard seamlessly integrates with Vision Visualisers, PC, Projectors, Teaching Content Software and many other ICT Solutions to create extremely stimulating, interactive and engaging Instructions, Training, and Presentation Sessions.

A Visualiser, sometimes referred to by its name Document Camera is a further digital ICT presentation and training tool which consists of a stage as well as a camera that can be connected to an Interactive Whiteboard, Computer and Projector. It is an ICT Resource can easily integrate with the majority of ICT Solutions and is workable across all Networks, Servers and Software Platform such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

The Audience Response System, a new technology, is the next category of new ICT Solutions. The Audience Response System (ARS) is an ICT mobile range, that is used for Summative and Formative Assessment Applications. It’s a way to facilitate interaction between the Presenter and the audience.

All of these ICT Resources along with many otherresources, not only aid in enhancing the accessibility of education and improving the quality and relevancy of education, they help to increase the level of motivation and involvement in classroom teaching. Additionally, ICT Solutions not only increase the level of attention in the classroom and increase the level of engagement, but simultaneously they can also help promote virtual learning. Interactive whiteboards can be more useful and easy to use.