Add description for your Article from here Creating a great podcast is vital. But if you don’t know how to market the podcast then not many people will ever hear about it. As a medium, podcasting has its own distinct ways of promoting a podcast. In this article we will explain the key strategies for ensuring that a podcast is listened by the maximum number of relevant people. Essentially the way you setup you podcast and where you distribute it is vital. After that it is key to promote a podcast on the major social channels. Make sure you podcast is distributed correctly Make sure that your podcast is distributed on all the major podcasts hosts (Google, iTunes, Spotify) and all of the smaller players that are most relevant to you, such as Amazon Alexa, TuneIn or Soundcloud for example. Their relevance will depend on the type of content and audiences you are trying to reach, so it is worth thinking about this. In addition, make sure that you are found under the most appropriate categories in each of the hosts. For example iTunes has over a hundred categories through which you podcast can be found. It is key to […] read more